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Before Relationships

B4 Relationship SOULution is an intensive 16 week

VIP course for midlife singles

to heal before getting

into a relationship. 


Let's see if the B4 Relationship SOULution course is the right fit for you!


In This Course, You’ll Learn:


End Toxic Cycles

  • Become aware of your own relationship patterns and end your toxic cycles with people, beliefs, addictions and places

  • Identify the barriers and beliefs that may be holding you back

  • Learn about why spirituality is important in healing and the difference between spirituality and religion


Learn to Love Yourself

  • Love yourself without ego or guilt

  • Practice forgiveness with yourself and with others

  • Be your true self in any situation and silence the inner critic

  • Master multiple techniques to increase and maintain your confidence


Find Balance in Life

  • Learn proven tools for time management, productivity and efficiency for a balanced life

  • Learn how to create more space to allow new experiences in your life and to become who you truly are

  • Experience the true freedom of choice and feel inspired to create the work, personal, and romantic life you truly desire


Healthy Boundaries

  • Learn to say 'No' without feelings of shame and guilt

  • Learn how to implement tools and techniques to set healthy boundaries

  • Learn how to communicate your boundaries with confidence

  • Learn how to manage confrontations, conflicts, and negative reactions


Communication Skills

  • Learn how to actively listen and communicate effectively 

  • Learn how to present yourself in a comfortable manner in social situations

  • Learn how to connect meaningfully with other people and build loving friendships and relationships


Build Your Confidence

  • Learn how to eliminate the negativity that has imprisoned you from achieving your personal best

  • Learn how to heal abandonment wounds and reframe the fear of rejection

  • Learn how to reduce your nervousness and social anxiety

  • Learn practical strategies, techniques and methods for building confidence

Attract The LIFE & LOVE Your SOUL Desires

This Course Is For You If:

  • If you are a midlife single (30-65)

  • You are ready to heal past wounds

  • You are ready to end toxic cycles

  • You can commit to participate in the weekly trainings

  • You are ready to implement the tools and techniques that are taught in this course

  • You can support other group members in a positive way

  • You want to create a positive space for healing and growth

  • You have a growth mindset

  • You are ready and willing to dig deep and do the work it takes to heal



  • 35 hours of virtual live trainings over 16 weeks

  • Printable workbooks for weekly growth work

  • Group Coaching by two qualified and multiskilled Coaches

  • Weekly group live Q&A sessions

  • 1 to 1  Coaching sessions by a qualified and multiskilled coach

  • Telegram VIP support group

  • Access to recorded trainings


  • One year membership to B4 Relationship SOULution Academy – a private support FB group of people who value growth and healing. Get additional support by posting in the group.

  • Bonus Live Monthly Trainings from Coaches, Healing and Growth Experts and Professionals

  • Access to Video Trainings

  • Make Commission on Affiliate Links for Referrals

  • Other Bonus Content

Payment Plans Available

Meeting you where you are at.









Holly Hartman

Holly Hartman is an International Best Selling Author of: I AM: How to Release the Shame of Narcissistic Abuse & Transform Financial Poverty to Wealth Beyond Numbers


A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur. A Life Transformation and Dating & Relationship Coach. A Business & Brand Coach for Coaches. An International Professional Speaker & Podcaster and Mental Health and Neurodiversity Advocate


Holly is the founder and CEO of Mindful Missions Global and The Solo Date Challenge. She is the host of two podcasts: "The Solo Date Challenge Podcast" and "The Healing Playground." TikTok Channel called "The Healthy Daters Club."


Holly facilitates group coaching, 1 to 1 coaching, online workshops and healing retreats.


Holly’s main mission is to help people break toxic cycles so generations forwards and backwards may heal and the ripple effect, impacts the world.


As a survivor of CPTSD, Abuse,  Addiction and Codependency, also living with ADHD, she teaches tools and skills to empower people to heal and break toxic cycles so they may thrive in all areas of their lives. 


She is a mom of two exceptional boys. She has over 13 years in recovery and as an enneagram 2, her biggest passion and hearts work is in helping people. She is an avid hiker, caver, and camper and enjoys being out in nature as much as she can. That’s her happy place. She loves digital art & graphic design, photography, vinyl crafting and being creative.


LaDonna R

Holly Hartman, I think back to the me in the beginning.  The conversations we have had privately.  I never knew what was inside me. That I mattered.  Thank you for loving me.  Just me. You didn't ever make me feel like my thoughts didn't matter,  even when I'm positive you were thinking,  girl...... come here and let me smack you across the head.... no you did something no one else had ever done.  You listened,  you kept your opinion to yourself,  you made sure I wasn't in physical danger and you encouraged me to go for it.  Even when you were positive I would fall. You loved me enough to get scraped knees.  So I could discover for myself how to mend broken hearts.


THANK YOU,  MIGHTY WOMAN.  You are a blessing and you're going to help so many more. I love you 💜

Holly is an exemplary speaker, encourager, facilitator.


She’s intentional to UpLevel in every aspect and go the journey with you sharing her highs and lows along the way. She’s REAL

I came to know her through FB, SDC, LWC, and other groups. She’s FULL of energy and unique in her ways of bringing clarity. She’s fulfilling her best life doing what she loves and lives to do this‼️


I’m grateful for her and how she’s helped me in my journey…..& she’s part of how I met my husband after I first learned to love myself, SDC. Holly, THANK YOU, and may your blessing be multiplied and you sew fruit

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

Once in a while a human comes through my life in such a way that I am forever changed. Holly Hartman is such a human. More than once she has gone the extra mile, gave me a space to vent various issues that were going on, and solidly guided me back to Source and to myself.


I'm a big fan of Neville Goddard and that ilk which produced Rhonda Byrne and Wayne Dyer and all of that. Holly has hit a formula. If you practice what you want long enough it will eventually come to you because what else can it do? You're already living it...


She is an AWESOME coach and I highly recommend ANY Product or Project she has produced or will ever produce! 

Deanna W.

Allan S. PhD

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