Smiling Elderly Woman


When I started, I was doubtful if it was 'for me'. I'm older (65) and, to be honest, the words 'why start now?' flitted across my mind. Being a homebody from birth, I have no problem filling my cup with alone time.... BUT....there were things I wanted to solve: chiefly, fear-wrought anger. Amongst many other things, this challenge allowed me to see, feel, acknowledge and forgive myself.


Next step: setting boundaries in 2022. Realizing I too am worthy of respect & honesty. Realizing I can't fix anyone but me. I've reached out too many times, just to be met with hostile silence. I've decided if I need to distance myself from certain 'energy vampires', so be it.... And I truly believe, had it not been for Holly, I'd be sitting here waiting for the next shoe to drop.

-Rosie O

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