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My mission is to provide you with a safe haven for healing and the proper nourishment (education & support) to make it possible to rise above any challenge, to express love more fully and make a positive change for the future.

Mindful Missions Services

When we are no longer able to change a situation,
we are challenged to change ourselves.”― Viktor E. Frankl
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I first met Holly in a 12-step group. Shortly after, I asked her to sponsor me. I felt as though it was a good fit considering her ability to mentor me across two programs. What she offered was so much more. Had I not asked for her help, specifically, I would have sold my growth short - Growth not only in recovery, but towards freedoms I'd never dreamed of, avenues I'd never explored so deeply, and toward resources I never knew existed. Holly is a treasure trove of encouragement, experience, resources, suggestions, and certainly a treasure as a person. Her Self-Love Challenge alone is life-changing yet she is constantly seeking new, creative modes of learning and teaching - not only for her own continuous journey of growth, but to fuel her passion of being of service to others. My life has been blessed just by knowing her!

-Jess M

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One on One Coaching Program

As your coach, I offer an unconditionally supportive container, I will meet you where you are at on your healing journey.


Mindful Missions One on One Life Coaching will help you create life transformational change that's effective and sustainable. Coaching will help you move beyond surviving. To go deep- a calling to recover parts of you that have been lost along the way, a chance to rise up and meet your authentic self once again.


It works because it enables you clear limiting beliefs that are blocking you and to make clear decisions and take confident action that's aligned with your core values, your personality type, your strengths, your passion and your purpose.

My standard coaching programs includes ample opportunities for individual and interpersonal practice, including weekly journaling prompts, weekly accountability steps, educational resources and unlimited email correspondence with me.

One on One Coaching helps you to get the nourishment you need and learn how to receive and enjoy the sweetness of life.

I’m interested. What are the next steps?

To get started, schedule your complimentary 30-minute phone/zoom consultation with me.


This will give me the chance to learn more of your story, explain my coaching offerings, and answer any and all of your questions before you sign up.

*Payment Plans are available on case-by-case basis
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