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Are YOU Ready to Uplevel Your $$$ Mindset?

(in the 21 Day Manifesting Money Challenge)

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First off, I want to say thank you for stopping on this page to check out what this is all about. Thanks for trusting me enough to explore it.  I'm excited you are curious! Yay you!!!

Hello, My name is Holly Hartman and I'm a Certified Life Transformation and Dating & Relationship Coach.  I am someone who has also been working hard over the past year remove my own money blocks so I can live an abundant life. I wanted to help you do the same in this challenge, if you choose to accept it. 

The 21 Day Manifesting UpLevel Your $$$ Mindset is a challenge to help you both change your mindset and remove blocks around money but to also manifest $1111 (or number of your choosing) in 21 days for an investment only $11.11 and 10-30 min daily.


Money blocks are real and those blocks can keep you broke.

Money blocks are Abundance blocks.


Are you tired of stressing where money is going to come from?

Are there goals and dreams you want to pursue in your life but

you can't because you are broke?

Do find yourself jealous when you see people on social media living their

best life but you are struggling to make ends meet? 

What is a Money Block?

Money blocks are negative subconscious beliefs about money that limit one from

achieving conscious desires. Money blocks are the result of years of subtle and sometimes not so subtle messages we've received or our programming in our lifetime. Money Blocks are usually caused by fear or anxiety stemming from negative thoughts about money.

Are you ready to Uplevel Your Money Mindset?


This 21- Day Challenge Will Help You 

  • Release Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors that Limit You

  • Uncover and Remove Money Blocks 

  • Adopt New Choices and Habits

  • Earn More Money and Build Financial Strength

  • Increase Your Self Confidence

  • Trust in Your Worthiness to Receive from the Infinite Universe.

  • Manifest $1111 or the number of your choosing (you have to do the work )

Here’s How The Challenge Works:

  • Your challenge starts on June 1st.

  • During the challenge you’ll get a daily video or coaching post from me in a FB group. 

  • Each lesson will include an audio/video or text with your guidance for that day.

  • Some lessons will be super short and sweet, and others will be a little longer, with video and exercises. Allot 10-30 min each day

  • You’ll have access to the 21 lessons through JULY 21st.

  • One of the best parts of this challenge is the community that comes along with it! You can connect with me and other challenge-takers in our private Facebook group through JULY 21st. (To expedite your approval, please answer all questions upon requesting admittance to the group.)

  • You can also be paired with optional Accountability Buddy. 

I'm So Excited for You to JOIN US!!!!

Get ready for some amazing, much needed, life changing, mind blowing money mindset shifts that are going to happen over the next 21 days!!

Uplevel Your $$$ Mindset book.png

4 Books content will be referenced and used throughout this challenge.

If you would like to take a deeper dive into these books, here is a link for each of them.

Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days by Kathrin Zenkina


Existential Kink: Unmask Your Shadow and Embrace Your Power (A method for getting what you want by getting off on what you don't) by Carolyn Elliott PhD


You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth by Jen Sincero


I AM: How to Release the Shame of Narcissistic Abuse & Transform Financial Poverty to Wealth Beyond Numbers by Holly Hartman and Authors


Happy Woman

Cathy T.

Holly you are such a source of enlightenment, constantly seeking to grow and share knowledge with all. You are helping me continue to mature and look forward to what tomorrow brings.

Young Businesswoman

Abigail B.

So grateful for all your content...always inspiring and helpful. Since I've learned embracing the hard parts and not numbing myself, I was able to heal in a really fast tempo, which seemed impossible at times!

Portrait of Smiling Man

Rob D

You have been so instrumental in all this, I really can't thank you enough. And Honestly the rewards of increased self awareness, self confidence, empowerment, and hope has even made me proud of myself as well.  Thank you! I'm kind of blown away to be honest!

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